Speaker Box 15 DS2


• 採用2.5路分音低音反射式負載工作設計

• 低音反射式呼吸氣孔設於聲箱背板之中

• 建議使用額定輸出功率介乎20瓦至250瓦放大器驅動

• 配備了1枚直徑25毫米釹磁鐵高音單元

• 配備了2隻直徑150毫米玻璃纖維中/低音單元

• 防磁設計

• 頻率響應35赫茲至22千赫茲

• 靈敏度90分貝(@ 1瓦/ 1 米量度)

• 一般阻抗4歐姆

• 配備了一對多用途鍍金喇叭線接線柱

• 聲箱底部特別加裝了一件面積稍大箱體的底板,底板四角附加了可調整垂直水平釘錐

• 備有(胡桃木皮、玫瑰果木皮、桉樹木皮)可供用家選擇

• 外形尺寸:160 × 978 × 260毫米(寬×高×深)

• 重量:每隻20.6公斤

Speaker Box 15 DS2 - rediscover your favourite music with our passion for sound!  


Speaker Box 15 DS2 represents our flagship loudspeaker and pinnacle in design. With its heavy weight it will stand strong and stable while making sure that unwanted vibrations will not be transmitted. A special separate cabinet, filled with sand, is used to create a gravity masspoint for best vibration absorbtion and optimum stability. Speaker Box 15 DS2 features our summit of sound, shockingly engaging and detailed with a sound-stage that is so realistic you will think you are at a live venue! Life-like mids to breath emotion into any instrument, powerful and strong bass to get your feet moving, all coupled with airy and well pronounced treble for superior micro-details are the key characteristics of this revolution in loudspeaker design! Speaker Box 15 DS2 is available in three noble wooden finishes, walnut, eucalyptus and rosewood. They perfectly match our EISA award winning The Classic turntable, our elegant DS2 line and will fit in any room with their luxurious aesthetics! Speaker Box 15 DS2 comes with high quality spikes to perfectly ensure that unwanted vibration will be transmitted to any stable surface. All our speakers have to withstand extreme condition-tests to make sure that they fit our highest standards.Speaker Box 15 DS2 outranks many more expensive loudspeakers with its superior soundquality and intelligent, no-nonesense craftsmanship.