線材 HPSC-22W
導體  幼芯多股102SSC超級銅線芯
絕緣層 熱可塑性橡膠(TPE)
金屬外殼 單結晶無氧銅
接頭 3.5 Mini對RCA×2
線長 1.3米/2.5米



The line in/out Y-cable with stereo mini phone and stereo RCA plugs.

With the advent of iPod, the field where we can enjoy listening to music is expanded infinitely. Due to its convenience and portability, those portable music players are regarded as the new generation of the music player not only by end users but audiophiles.

Nowadays, due to the fact that "cable detachable headphones" made by such as AKG or ULTRASONE are put into this market, we know increasing numbers of users who are trying to improve sound quality by changing headphone cables.
Furthermore, as a new movement, the portable headphone amp is appeared on the scene and became very popular in some countries including Japan. By development of audio accessories, sound quality of portable audio player has also been developed. And something connects among them is strongly demanded. We always start planning a product under a solid concept. Producing the cables specialized for headphones are our challenge and task. As a result, we achieved to produce"HPC series" which enhance sound quality of your music player and satisfy you anywhere with it.