Alare Remiga 2 座地揚聲器2021-07-20

Designing an high-end loudspeaker is a mechanical, electrical, and acoustic chal- lenge. If the goal is to maintain untouched harmonic structures and instrumental timbres, Remiga 2 keeps this promise to satisfy expectations of most discerning mu- sic lovers. Elegantly crafted in Italy and built with finest materials and components, this first Alare loudspeaker is carefully designed with the purpose of achieving the best performances ever.

美國NBS蛇皇 【廣告下載】2020-05-22

美國NBS蛇皇 【廣告下載】

意大利Franco Serbian 梵歌 【廣告下載】2020-05-22

意大利Franco Serbian 梵歌 【廣告下載】

意大利Audia Flight-FL CD Three S及FL Three S 【廣告下載】2020-05-22

意大利Audia Flight-FL CD Three S及FL Three S 【廣告下載】





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