Name of product TUNAMI TERZO XX V2
Cable structure 2 core cab tire
Cable conductor 102SSC
Cable conductor area 1.25SQ (37 present / 3E twisted)
Cable insulator High molecular polyolefin
Cable shield One layer - electromagnetic wave absorber (amorphous polyolefin) 
two layers - copper foil tape 
3-layer - 102SSC horizontal winding (160 this /0.12mm)
Cable exterior sheath Polyurethane
Cable outer diameter 8.8mm
XLR plug FOCUS1 (phosphor bronze cut out contact + silver / rhodium plated)


Adopt a precise conductor "102 SSC" proud of ELEC electricity.

  • Use only virgin copper to avoid contamination of impurities as much as possible does not contain any recycled copper among the copper conforming to JIS C1011.
  • 100% removal of the impurities adhering to the surface by performing peeling process.
  • To facilitate the flow of electrical signal flowing through the conductor surface layer, thinned with natural diamond dies, improve the surface smoothness of the strand.
  • It thinned wire by the machining accuracy of the standard error tolerance ± 8μm far surpass ± 1μm a.
  • In twisted stroke, it adopted the world's first high-density different 径導 body 3E twisted structure (patented learning). Increase the density and roundness of strands, stabilize the electric characteristics.
  • Annealing processing over 2 degrees, eliminating the mechanical stress-strain of the strand.
  • Product management and thorough manufacturing control numerical value, maintenance, and shipping dates. Conductivity is achieved 102.3% IACS of the highest class.

※ For more information about the precise conductor "102SSC" is here please visit.

3 types of twisting the wires of different thickness twist patented technology "3E

3E-twisted structure is at once set stranded conductor of concentric twisted array configuration, by arranging a different wire diameter of three types, densify the twisted wire array. It is possible to reduce the diameter of the conductor configuration, we will strive to improve the conductor characteristic values.Strand of different conductor diameters of this three are arranged in geometric, to minimize voids between the strands, it plays to improve the wire density.Furthermore along with the twisted wire outer diameter of the downsizing, maintaining a stable and high-precision outer diameter, is unprecedented conductor structure in the world cross-section of true circle after twisting. Thus, uniformly brought into close contact with insulation and conductor, homogenized by eliminating random thickness of the insulating material. Such as keep the distance between the shield always uniform, we are working to stabilize the electrical characteristics.

In the thick of the conductor cross-sectional area, reduce the transmission loss of signal

In unusual thick of conductor cross-sectional area in the interconnect cable (1.25SQ), we have to reduce the transmission loss of the signal. 1.25SQ boasts a maximum diameter in interconnect cable of ELEC, suitable as a flagship of our interconnect cable

Excellent high molecular polyolefin in electrical characteristics used for the insulation, reducing the signal loss

The insulating coating of the conductor uses the excellent high molecular polyolefin in electrical characteristics. Dielectric constant than ordinary PVC insulation can exhibit an extremely low value of 1/4, to reduce signal loss, it has been obtained turbidity less reproduced sound. In addition, by external / internal each using a different polymer polyolefin material hardness, and has prevented the influence on the sound due to the resonance. In addition, the sheath material to cover the re-exterior of the cable, in the elegant pearl white color, has been using the excellent urethane sheath in durability. The sheath surface marking the "TUNAMI TERZO V2" "102 SSC", has been explicitly V2 model

Shut out the noise in the 3-layer shielding

First layer: the electromagnetic wave absorber, the second layer: copper foil, the third layer: has adopted a three-layer shielding by the lateral winding shield. An electromagnetic wave due to the magnetic flux of turbulence in the first layer, it is converted into heat energy by the electromagnetic wave absorber mixed into the compound. The second layer is provided with a copper tape shield, protect the signal from external noise. Furthermore, the transverse wound shield of the third layer employs a precision conductor 102 SSC, without a gap 160 this place a 0.12mm line. External noise is, of course, internally generated noise, shut out at a high level even spark noise caused by vibration. Ultimate noise protection, please experience the power of 3-layer shield.

ELEC adopt the original XLR plug (FOCUS 1)

"FOCUS 1" There is a one-touch Putsushupuru feature the most innovative and novel technology of (utility model). Lock only by inserting the output side of the inlet, removal at the time is a feature that the lock is disengaged by simply pull the tip of the ring. Further adopt a ball-bearing rock that elaborate the essence of precision machining in the lock. They are not found in conventional products, is a completely new locking function. This "FOCUS 1" has achieved a smooth and reliable installation. Contact pins, by CNC machining, which is highly programmable phosphor bronze round bar is subjected to cutting work with high precision, after being carefully mechanically barrel polishing, a two-layer direct plating silver + rhodium made you. And of these pins are insert-molded in PBT (GF30%) resin, to form a strong and high contact portion of the seismic resistance of the unprecedented. Similarly, the outer shell, housing has also been cut by CNC machining from brass rod material. Shell and body are cut by CNC machining as compared to some lost wax of conventional dense and exhibits high shielding performance. In surface treatment, hard chrome plating has been decorated in the same way as the camera body.

Using the acoustic dedicated solder "SS-47"

Plug and cable is soldered at the acoustic-only lead-free silver solder "SS-47". Normal solder purity of the tin from the cost is 99.9% (3N) degree. "SS-47" further discharge the impurities increase the purity to the limit, adopt a high-purity tin that indeed 99.993% (4N) or more. Further improvement of the electric conductivity, are designed to prevent leaching of solder, was blended silver, copper. Moreover, the case of normal alloy solder, silver mixing ratio of is from 3 to 3.5 percent, but "SS-47" is an amazing unsparingly put the amount of 4.7%. In addition, 1.7% compounded the next in high conductivity copper of silver among metals. Conductivity by this compounding ratio is dramatically improved, it succeeded in setting the eutectic point 217 degrees. Of course, the blending ratio of these, it has not determined only by numerical data and workability. To hit the solder and the inscription for the audio, the sound quality is considered to be appropriate to the highest priority. I was born that "SS-47" of the many times that there is no hearing test a proto model of a variety of blending ratio.