Flight Three S Integrated Amplifier

Technical Details

Output Power Wrms 8 / 4 ohm 100W /160W
Amplifier Stage Gain 26dB
Frequency Response (1Wrsm, -3db) 1Hz – 450KHz
Slew Rate (on 8 ohm) >80V/µS
THD <0,05%
S/N ratio >95dB
Unbalanced Input Impedance 51Kohm, 150pF
Balanced Input Impedance 30Kohm
Stand-by Consumption Less than 1W
Maximum Consumption 400W
Dimensions and weight 16.6 in. x 3.6 in. x 16.6 in. (WxHxD), 26.4 lbs.

Shipping dimensions and weight 20.9 in. x 9.5 in. x 20.9 in. (WxHxD), 33 lbs.

INPUTS/OUTPUTS: 4 Unbalanced Inputs,â�¨ 1 Balanced Input, â�¨1 Monitor Inputâ�¨ w/ option to use one input as a “direct”â�¨ pre outputâ�¨/rec output.â�¨ 1 Output for headphone.

OPTIONAL BOARDS: â�¨Phono MC/MM and “Plug & Play” 24bit 192KHz DAC (Available in Deluxe Version)

After achieving a lot of experience in designing high-end equipment, Audia Flight is proud to introduce the new FL Three S integrated amplifier. It’s an incredible component, where every small detail is carefully thought out for the discriminating high-end audio enthusiast, and yet, offering exceptionally good value.

Building on the widely acclaimed success of the original FL Three, Audia Flight’s advanced new “S” version employs trickle down technology and styling from the Strumento Series, effectively redefining what is possible in a high value, entry level integrated amplifier. The new FL Three S is considerably larger in size and weight, in great part due to new larger transformers. Power has been increased to 100W/channel and optional DAC and Phono sections add additional digital inputs and outboard cartridge loading, respectively. Consider the added flexibility of a high performance headphone output as well as five analog inputs, and the FL Three S may represents a phenomenal high value audio centerpiece for any audio enthusiast.

Additional features and qualities, include full logic control, independent toroidal transformers w/ independent analog sections, a remote selectable by-pass feature with amplifier only and theater bypass configurations, eight stabilized high-quality, high-current power supplies, ALPS potentiometer, and large display. Together with The Flight Three S high quality aluminum remote and Audia Flight “System Link” capability, one would be hard pressed to realize a better high performance alternative.