Name of product HPC-HD25 V2
color Red / Black / Silver
length Cable length: 1.2m (length from the fixed portion of the headphones right surface to the mini-plug)
cable 26T V2-HPC (Black / Red) 
HPC-26TN V2 (Silver)
Center conductor 102 SSC (AWG26)
Insulating material Fluorine resin (PFA)
shield 102 SSC spiral (Black · Red) 
silver-plated OFC braid (Silver)
Exterior sheath Pb-free PVC
Modular plug Brass shaving gold
3.5mm stereo mini plug Brass gold-plated


  • Optimal L-shaped mini plug and the cable length 1.2m to a portable audio player.
  • The cable conductor to become the cornerstone of sound quality, adopted the precise conductor "102 SSC" in pursuit of high-quality sound.
  • Gold-plated HD25 side pin and 3.5 stereo mini plug, improve the sound quality and corrosion resistance.
  • Cable conductor and the plug, soldering lead-free silver solder SS-47, which is friendly to high-quality sound and the environment.
  • Red / Black / three colors of silver deployment. Affordable reasonable price.
  • Strictly production management has been domestic manufacturing.

Compatible models: SENNHEISER HD25 (formerly HD25-1II) / HD25PLUS / HD25-1 / HD25 ALUMINIUM