Name of product HPSC-35J / HPSC-63J
cable HPSC-22W (102 SSC)
plug Original 3.5mmTRS Minifon · 1/4 "TRS phone · 3.5mm stereo jack (Silver + rhodium-plated)
Solder SS-47
Cable length 1.3m / 2.5m


HPSC Series has introduced a precision conductor "102 SSC" and "silk", it is a new series of headphones, portable audio cable of ELEC electricity. Precision conductor "102 SSC" is, in the audio cable for the conductor that created the Oyaide electricity, it has already gained a high reputation all over the world. Basis of the technology, a kind oxygen-free copper to the base, the impurities of the copper wire surface physically 100% removal "machine peeling", to smooth the copper surface to the extreme "natural diamond dice", strictly temperature heat treatment over twice that are managed, such as thorough management uniformity of the wire diameter in the machining accuracy of ± 1μm or less, Japan Copper and Brass, which boasts the top class in the world, supported by a wire drawing technology, clear of HPSC Series in making it to the original to produce a wide-range sound. 0.3 Scare afford the thickness of the composed signal line by a precision conductor "102 SSC". From delicate highs to powerful low-frequency, to carry delicate headphone output stagnation rather faithfully.Also employs a precision conductor "102 SSC" to the shield, was an excellent spiral shield to flexibility.

Precision conductor 102 SSC

HPSC Series is a new series to replace the HPC Series. Its key technology is located in the "precision conductor 102 SSC" and "silk". The cable conductor has adopted a "precision conductor 102 SSC" as new materials to replace the PCOCC-A.As a high-end audio cable, Oyaide electricity has created "precision conductor 102 SSC" is already a high reputation in the whole world, the adoption of the headphone cable, this is will be the first. Conductor configuration is excellent 7/7 / 0.089 rope twist in flex resistance, 0.3 Scare of the thickness afford. From delicate highs to powerful low-frequency, to carry delicate headphone output stagnation rather faithfully. Shield also adopted a "precision conductor 102 SSC", was an excellent spiral shield to flexibility.

More about the precise conductor 102 SSC is here

Pure silk filament

The intervention, employs a 100% pure silk filament to prevent the build-up of electrostatic charge in the low capacitance.When the signal flow is weak vibration occurs in the cable, the material is charged static electricity and the corona discharge by the vibration. In order to solve this problem, mount the silk filament. Further exterior to also cover the "100% pure silk jacket" of cable. Noise without impairing the flexibility of these synergistic effects were greatly reduced. White and black chic cable color of the mosaic tone by, it also can match without discomfort to any headphone.

Original terminal connector

Plug such that has been specially designed to give a unique identity. The material of the metal part has adopted a brass clearing the European RoHS directive. The main and the contact portion should be called of signal transmission, plated with silver of 1.5μ thickness to direct, it has undergone further 0.3μ rhodium plating of thickness on the surface. This prevents the corrosion of the contact, and contribute to the improvement of the transmission characteristics.

Also to the outline of the outer shell, craftsmanship Oyaide electricity has been reflected. Carefully cut one by one by the NC machine training is carried out, precisely then chopped the knurled, Berri chrome plating have been made as well as the camera lens to the finish. In addition, these plug-kind has been joined to the cable by a dedicated solder "SS-47" audio.

Pour the aesthetic, to create the finest quality that to the detail. This attitude is what is the theme that will continue unbroken of ELEC electricity. All of the dense and polite finish, we conceived the essence of craftsmanship of Japan unique.

Acoustic dedicated solder "SS-47"

The soldering of wiring, use the ELEC electricity original acoustic dedicated solder "SS-47". Normal solder purity of the tin from the cost is 99.9% (3N) degree. "SS-47" further discharge the impurities increase the purity to the limit, adopt a high-purity tin that indeed 99.993% (4N) or more. Further improvement of the electric conductivity, are designed to prevent leaching of solder, was blended silver, copper. Moreover, the case of normal alloy solder, silver mixing ratio of is from 3 to 3.5 percent, but "SS-47" is an amazing unsparingly put the amount of 4.7%. In addition, 1.7% compounded the next in high conductivity copper of silver among metals. Conductivity by this compounding ratio is dramatically improved, it succeeded in setting the eutectic point 217 degrees.

Of course, the blending ratio of these, it has not determined only by numerical data and workability. To hit the solder and the inscription for the audio, the sound quality is considered to be appropriate to the highest priority. I was born that "SS-47" of the many times that there is no hearing test a proto model of a variety of blending ratio.